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Individual Environmental Award Nomination Form

You must submit this form to Steven Newstead, Negotiations / Contract Maintenance Department at Provincial Office, by April 15.

This online form features file upload capability. You are allowed to submit a maximum file size total of 20 MB of document attachments. If you submit your online form with document attachments over 20 MB, you will arrive at a Page Not Found error page. You would need to re-submit your online form, keeping within the total file size limit of 20 MB. To avoid arriving at this error page, we recommend that each file attachment should be no more than 3 MB. If you have reached the maximum file size and have not included all your attachments, please e-mail the remainder to tammy.gulla@osstf.ca.

Part I - Nomination
Are you submitting this nomination on behalf of an individual?
Part II - If nominee is an INDIVIDUAL, please complete the following:
Part III - Nominator
Part IV - Overall Summary

Letter of nomination highlighting the nominee’s environmental activism in the following areas:

• Promoting awareness of environmental issues within their district/bargaining unit

• Promoting awareness of environmental issues in education

• Initiating and implementing measures to reduce the ecological footprint of their district/bargaining unit

• Motivating others in OSSTF/FEESO to reduce the environmental impact of their union activities

IMPORTANT: Uploaded Letter of Nomination MUST be Signed by the Nominator

Copy of bargaining unit or district motion supporting the nomination

Photos or other evidence of environmental initiatives (optional)